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Satisfied with my comeback in Frankfurt


What a spectacle at Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt! It was a great race on Sunday, and I enjoyed riding a race again. Thanks to the fans for a super scene. At times it was a Belgian atmosphere – simply breathtaking.

I am satisfied with my return and felt well in the field. Only my legs didn’t do so well. I am simply missing the experience and kilometers. After about four hours I noticed that it was becoming difficult for and decided to work some for the team before I abandoned.

But I will keep on. I have already trained today. My next goal is the Tour of California.

Thank you for this day. It was fantastic.

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Further News



Operations, rehab, training. After more than three very difficult months I will will finally on Sunday do once that which I love most to do: race. I will be back at the start of the Classic Rund un den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt. I can barely wait to pin my start number on my jersey.

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We are making progress


The injuries are fortunately healing very well and as expected. The cut on my thigh is already mostly closed. And yesterday I sat for the first time on the roller, in order to bring my circulation back into shape. The finger is the worst injury, which will take many weeks to heal.

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Blood work and a cast on my arm


I am now at the hospital in Hamburg (the Berufsgenossenschaftliches Unfallkrankenhaus). Tomorrow morning I will meet with the doctor and we will make a plan. Thanks to the ADAC and to the doctor who met me in Valencia and accompanied me.

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Thanks for your support


In light of the many get-well wishes and messages I wanted to get in touch. I am doing well under the circumstances. Earlier I had a full anesthesia so that the wounds on my thing, underarm and lips could be stitched.

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The sign with my name on it in Roubaix


It is still a while until Roubaix, but I have already visited the cobblestones again and tested new tires. It was pretty cold but I am always up for the pave ;-) In the end, it was an indescribable feeling to again cross "the" finish line which means everything and to feel those emotions from last spring again.

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A birthday surprise and the team presentation


After a great team presentation with an extreme amount of media interest, we have now arrived at our training camp in Calpe. Out of the Berlin refrigerator and into the sun. It was quite a temperature shock when I arrived yesterday in Berlin. It was much warmer in Frankfurt, and before that I was on Mallorca.

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Richmond, New York, Bahamas, Japan, Frankfurt


After the World Championships, my wife, my son and I visited New York and the Bahamas. First some sightseeing and then just relaxation. We had a great vacation, went diving and simply enjoyed the beach, the warm water and the time together. By the way, I didn’t touch my bike for four weeks.

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Wish us luck


Tomorrow it is finally time. I am looking forward to the World Championship race. I am well prepared, feel stron, and my team is very motivated. I expect a very special race, a race like we are not familiar with. Ten of the 16 kilometers in each lap are pretty uninteresting, flat and on a broad road. But the last six are something else.

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In the wind too early


This was one of those days where you think immediately after crossing the line: "Damn, that error was unnecessary!" The team worked brilliantly, the leadout was perfect, but I went into the wind too early, hesitated a bit and just wasn't fast enough on the final metres.

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Tandem race and Apres Tour


It is a strange feeling, not to have any control over the bike. But the tandem race yesterday on the Andreasried track in Erfurt was nevertheless a great experience, the public was super and it was great to see a lot of familiar faces from earlier days. And fortunately with Rene Enders I had an experience pilot ;-)

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Erfurt, Gera, Bochum


After returning from Paris, and a short stop at home in Frankfurt, I took part in a criterium in Austria. Today I am home again, before I go to Erfurt tomorrow, where as part of a track meet I will ride a tandem race against Marcel Kittel and Tony Martin.

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Rest day and voting for the Goldene Henne


The rest day has come to an end. At first it had almost a holiday feeling. An easy hour on the bike. Sitting in a cafe. Massage. Osteopathy. And a barbecue in the evening. But tomorrow this mood will disappear quickly, when the pain in the legs comes back. We are facing a hard week in the Alps.

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3, 2, 1 – That was that! It’s all over now.


Today we will announce the lucky ones who can soon call one of the 102 jerseys signed by Marcel Kittel and me their own. It wasn’t easy to win, a lot of bids came in the last few days. The extensive participation was great, because every Euro that comes in goes directly towards supporting out cycling youngsters.

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Second for the fifth time


Unfortunately it didn’t work out with the stage win today. This was one of the best chances that this Tour has offered e so far. I didn’t do much wrong. Andre was simply too strong today. He is in a super form. I simply could not get by him. The win for him is in order. Congratulations.

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Green jersey: Anything can happen


We rode all out today for the first 60 to 70 kilometers. That is not a problem – or wouldn’t be, if there weren’t any mountains. It was incredibly demanding. I was able to pick up a few more points in the fight for the green jersey. You never know what might happen and I simply try to routinely pick up points.

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102 Jerseys from the 102nd Tour for charity


So that many German cyclists can take part in the Tour de France in the future, we want to support the younger cycling generation with a charity auction. If you have ever wanted a jersey signed by me and Marcel Kittel, then you now have the chance to get one and at the same time do a good deed.

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Still waiting for my chance


What a stage. I am really sorry about Tony’s crash. Too bad that he is out. Because of this situation, our order got messed up. Warren crashed too, and he is the one would have countered attacks such as that by Stybar, who eventually won. Myself, I feel good and am still waiting for my chance.

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Second for the fourth time


It almost worked out today with my first stage win at the Tour de France. But just like three times in the last two years, things changed suddenly in the finale. I am super disappointed. But still, Tony won and got yellow.

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Cooling vests and ice cubes


Two cooling vests, towels out of the ice bath and ice cubes – there was no other way to bear the heat today. I didn’t warm up as long as usual, either. But I am totally satisfied with my results and being 45 seconds back. >The course was good to ride and especially the fans were fantastic.

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The countdown has started


Now things are starting to get serious. Yesterday morning we already had a presentation for sponsors and press before the official Tour presentation and medical check today. Slowly we are starting to get that Tour feeling and enthusiasm. There were even tons of people there at our Bike Ride with the fans.

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Rock’n’Roll, a sprint finish and charity


Radsport is Rock’n’Roll. And I now seem to be one of the lead singers. My "Go Go Go" from the footage of last year’s Tour of California has actually become a song. Some musicians from Germany and the USA, under the name "All Giants", have produced the song "Go Go Go!" (feat. John Degenkolb).

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A real championship race


A lot of work for nothing. That was a real championship race today – with, as one must fairly acknowledge, a deserving winner. Personally, I felt good on this not so easy course. But it is difficult to set the decisive accent when you are one of the top favourite, always under observation.

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No chance in the sprint because of a mistake


Looking back at today I must say: At least I didn’t crash. The run-up to the finale was pretty tricky and even before that there were some awkward passages. In the finale we threw away all chances for a sprint win due to a simple mistake we made.

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A beginner’s mistake


A beginner’s mistake cost me the win today. I was on Bouhanni’s rear wheel and wanted to go by him on the right. But then he simply closed the "door", which I would also have done in his situation. The way would have been open on the left, but in the decisive seconds, I simply chose wrong.

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A compliment on my team and the fans


A fantastic atmosphere along the course, a great race and my first win. After being third yesterday, I won today’s stage thanks to perfect work by my teammates. Ramon set me up perfectly for the sprint and I could pull it through. The other guys rode very strongly too. It is great to see that the team works so well together.

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Third in the Bayern Rundfahrt opener


I was still missing a little freshness today. Actually I was well positioned, but the last kick just wasn’t there. And Bennett pretty much surprised us all when he came from behind with that speed. Still, I am not totally unsatisfied. It could have been worse.

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We were all shocked


The cancellation of Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt took us totally by surprise. We were all shocked when we heart it. You are fully focussed and prepare for a race and then you are suddenly told that it won’t even take place. That was like being hit by a hammer. I am speechless.

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The cobblestone and the Grazia


Don’t these two look good together? The cobblestone and the Grazia. Winner’s trophies from two Monuments. But let me tell you, it was really something to carry that cobblestone up the 124 stairs to my apartment. That guy is heavier than he looks.

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Seventh in Flanders


I am satisfied with seventh place. And I especially have to thank my team. That was a very strong team performance. Up until just before the finish I still had two men at my side. That makes me more confident looking towards Paris-Roubaix.

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The quiet before the storm


Today we had our last training before the Ronde finally comes tomorrow. The weather wasn’t so great, it was rather wet. But we rolled once again over the cobbles, and had sought out a flat section. A little shaking to warm up, so to speak. It as only an hour and a half, no more.

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A race like that should not be held


Unlike the week before, I had a terrible weekend. First I crashed and bruised my knee and hip in the E§ Prijs and then this slaughter in Gent-Wevelgem. A race like that actually should not be held. Other sports cancel because of wind. It was not responsible of the organizer.

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