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    Most important in a partner is trust and that you have a balanced relationship to work with. This is the only way to ensure successful projects.


    Cycling. A mondern sport in technical times. Yes. That`s one part of the cycling business. On the other side you have the old races, classics, the history. Legendary routes and names like le Tour de France or Paris Roubaix. Goosebumps for all cycling fans and as well for me. These legendary races. These holy grounds. The history and heroic stories, you can smell that on every kilometer. For me it were the classics that fascinated me immediately. I will never ever forget sitting at home on our couch with my dad and follow these races … I was infected with the „virus". That's what i wanted to do as well. I wanted to become a pro cyclist and do these epic courses. l wanted to be part of that history. These memories still motivate and push me till today and so I did’t need to think one single second as I received the request to become as first pro the official ambassador of the „Les Amis de Paris Roubaix“. The non profit association that keeps and protects the Paris Roubaix course as it always was. They protect it from modernisation … and guarantee that the Paris Roubaix race will be till today as hard, heavy, nice, amazing and lovely brutal, that the course will be exactlly the same as back in 1896 at it’s first edition. I am very pround to give something back to the race I owe so much. Thank you for this opportunity. In their museum directly in the velodrom you will find on top some original John Degenkolb pics, trikots and caps and if you like to support the Friends of Paris Roubaix as well please find here the directlink for your donation … www.lesamisdeparisroubaix.com/adhesion